June 6, 2024 – After three days of intensive presentations and discussions, today the 68th ETRAN National Conference and the 11th IcETRAN International Conference were solemnly closed. These prestigious conferences gathered over 350 participants from Serbia and 27 other countries of the region, Europe, and the world, confirming their status as one of the most important events in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, computer science, automation, energy, and nuclear technologies.

During the conference, 269 scientific papers and announcements were presented, which brought new insights and research results in various technical disciplines. Participants had the opportunity to attend a series of invited plenary lectures and presentations by eminent scientists from the country and the world, and regular and special sessions, covering sixteen different and several related fields of engineering. The exhibition of high-tech companies held for the first time, as well as the panel session “Future Power Grids: Challenges and Opportunities”, should be highlighted.

“The ETRAN and IcETRAN conference once again showed how important it is for our scientific and professional community. The quality of papers and discussions, as well as the large number of participants from all over the world, testify to the importance of this event,” said Prof. Dr. Vladimir Katić, president of the ETRAN Society. One of the key aspects of the conference was the strong support of business sponsors, which showed the inextricable connection between science and business. Sponsors contributed not only financially, but also through active participation in discussions and presentations of their research and innovations. “The support of the industry is essential for the improvement of scientific research and the application of new technologies. This conference is a great example of how science and the industry can successfully cooperate on common goals,” added Prof. Dr. Katic.

The end of the conference marked the end of another successful chapter in the long tradition of ETRAN conferences, but also the beginning of new opportunities for research and collaboration in the future. All participants agreed that the event met and even exceeded expectations, providing valuable insights, contacts, and inspiration for future work.

The participants left Niš with new knowledge, ideas, and plans for future projects, looking forward to the next conference, which, as the organizers announced, will be even bigger and more significant.