The International Conference on Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering IcETRAN addresses to 17 different disciplines related to the electrical, electronics and computing engineering. It is organized in the corresponding number of sections that cover the following topics:


  1. Electronics (ELi),
  2. Telecommunications (TEi),
  3. Computing and Information Engineering (RTi),
  4. Control Systems (AUi),
  5. Nuclear Engineering and Technology (NTi),
  6. Acoustics (AKi),
  7. Antennas and Propagation (APi),
  8. Artificial Intelligence (VIi),
  9. Electric Circuits and Systems and Signal Processing (EKi),
  10. Power Engineering (EEi),
  11. Biomedical Engineering (BTi),
  12. Metrology (MLi),
  13. New Materials in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (NMi),
  14. Microelectronics and Optoelectronics (MOi),
  15. Microwave Technique, Technologies and Systems (MTTi),
  16. Robotics and Flexible Automation (ROi),
  17. Education in Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering.