June 4, 2024 – As part of the 68th ETRAN National Conference and the 11th IcETRAN International Conference, a gala dinner was held last night where awards were handed over for the best papers and special contributions. This event brought together virtually all participants, guests, and organizers in celebration of outstanding contributions and achievements in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, computer science, automation, electrical energy, and nuclear technologies. During the evening, prizes were awarded for the best paper of young authors and the best section papers, as well as recognition for special merits in the organization and support of the conference. All the awarded papers, in their expanded and modified versions, will be recommended for further publication in one of the high-quality scientific journals with an impact factor and high rating. The complete list of all awardees is available on the conference website, i.e., via the link

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Katic, president of the ETRAN Society, expressed his gratitude to all participants and organizers, stressing the importance of continuous support and cooperation in achieving the goals of the conference. “These awards are a symbol of recognition for the outstanding work and effort of all participants. Our community relies on the dedication and innovation of its members, and these awards are just a small sign of gratitude for their contribution,” said Prof. Dr. Katic.

The Galla dinner was also an opportunity for the participants to socialize, and exchange experiences and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The rich program and award ceremony additionally contributed to the festive tone of the event, creating unforgettable moments for all.

The ETRAN and IcETRAN conference continues its work, bringing new opportunities for learning, networking, and advancement in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, computer science, automation, energy, and nuclear technologies. Selected papers will be available to the participants of the conference, as well as to the general public through the IEEE Xplore digital library, while the rest on the website of the ETRAN Society after the conference.