For more than 50 years, RCM Technologies has been at the forefront of designing, developing and providing engineering services of superior quality to both the commercial and government sectors. The company has existed in Serbia since 2006, and since 2017 we have been operating as part of RCM Technologies corporation from the United States of America. All these years we have been dedicated to the development and strengthening of critical power infrastructure for the needs of our clients’ energy transition by providing design and consulting services.

In power engineering, RCM Technologies – Energy Services offers a wide range of engineering and project management services encompassing the manufacturing, transmission, distribution, and renewable energy sectors. Our team combines deep technical expertise with a client-oriented project implementation approach, their needs, solving complex challenges, all while achieving sustainable results that significantly impact our clients’ business and the prosperity of their communities.

RCM Technologies delivers projects for power system facilities related to installation, primary and secondary equipment, 3D/4D/5D/6D BIM projects, calculations and protection settings, SCADA and RTU control systems, LAN networks, panel design, schemes, functional SLD and interface schemes, plant layout, calculation of forces, grounding and all drawings and documentation required for permits, planning and construction, construction site supervision, project management and As Built documentation.

In the spectrum of its services, RCM Technologies also provides supervision during the commissioning of facilities, FAT and SAT services in the field of secondary equipment.

In synergy with a network of partners, RCM is able to offer customers the delivery of protection and management cabinets. This completes the design service with the manufacture and delivery of panels, including FAT, SAT, quality control and monitoring of each panel up to delivery to the end user, where we are able to provide supervision of installation and commissioning. RCM Technologies is also able to provide service of system studies, as well as OHL design in cooperation with its partners.

When creating projects and providing consulting services to clients, RCM Technologies uses modern software packages including 3D BIM, Revit, ELCAD, Engineering Base, Advanced Steel, Inventor, Robot IDEA StatiCa, Zenon SCADA, Helinks, IDE Scout, DIGSI, Bentley (Microstation & Open Buildings) and similar. RCM Technologies in Serbia is proud of its long list of successfully implemented projects for clients from the USA, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Middle East, Peru, and North Africa. Engineering and consulting services based on the use of advanced software tools, the ISO 9001 quality system, professional training of our engineers, enable us sustainable development and growth at a time when the global power engineering sector is facing the challenges of an unprecedented energy transition.