Philip Morris International (PMI) is a leading international tobacco company working to deliver a smoke-free future and evolving its portfolio for the long term to include products outside of the tobacco and nicotine sector. The company’s current product portfolio primarily consists of cigarettes and smoke-free products, which although not risk-free, represent a much better alternative to smoking.

As of December 31, 2023, PMI’s smoke-free products were available for sale in 84 markets, including Serbia, and PMI estimates that there are around 28.6 million IQOS users around the world, while 73% of them had already completely switched to IQOS and stopped smoking. Smokefree products accounted for approximately 39.3% of PMI’s total full-year 2023 net revenues.

In Serbia, Philip Morris International operates through two affiliates, Philip Morris Operations a.d. Niš (PMOP) and Philip Morris Services d.o.o. Beograd (PMSE). The factory in Niš is one of the most contemporary factories in PMI’s global network, and the largest tobacco manufacturer in the country, while Belgrade is the headquarters of our overall operations in South East Europe (SEE), as well as one of the Financial Centers of expertise of PMI. In total we currently employ 959 people across the country, out of which 608 employees work in PMOP.

Since 2003, PMI has donated over USD 23.3 million to community initiatives in Serbia. Our key strategic contribution program “StarTech”, realized in cooperation with National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), is a three-year program worth USD 5 million focusing on promotion of innovation and technological development in Serbia and support for digital transformation of small and medium enterprises. In 2023, we announced the continuation of the program in the next three years.