Bending Spoons. It’s a curious name, right? It’s from The Matrix, where the hero discovers that what seems impossible often isn’t so. In 2013, when we were a punchy little start-up, the parallel was fitting.

 Today, it’s more appropriate than ever.

 That five-person start-up has become one of Europe’s leading tech companies—with 300+ bright, inspiring, and hard-working Spooners from over 35 countries. Our category-leading products—including Evernote and Remini—have been downloaded half a billion times and delight millions of people every day.

 Plenty has changed since our early days. But our mission remains steadfast. We’re still going all-out to make an enduring positive impact on our customers, on our fellow Spooners, and on society at large. And we’ve only just crossed the starting line on what we want to accomplish.

 An impossible mission? Maybe. We’re all-in on finding out.  P.S. Head to to learn more about us—and our award-winning workplace.