Meetings will take place in the hotel "Đerdap"in Kladovo, Serbia. (

The city of Kladovo is 255 km far from Belgrade. (Google maps location)
Kladovo is in the vicinity of the Hydro Power Plant "Đerdap" and across of Turnu Severin, Romania.

Kladovo is also close to the point where Danube achieves the maximum depth and changes from the minimum to the maximum width. Therefore it is called the Iron Gate. The Danube riverside has many traces of the Roman ("Tabula Traiana", "Traians Bridge") and Turks presence (the fortress "Fetislam" built at the time of theSuleiman the Magnificent). A boat trip will be organized which includes short visits to the points of interest along the river Danube.


Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

University of Belgrade
School of Electical Engineering