About IcETRAN Conference

The oldest and the most prestigious Serbian professional society ETRAN had its 61st annual meeting, in Kladovo, Serbia, June 5 – 8, 2017. Two conferences and several workshops were co-located at the meeting, including the 61th national ETRAN conference and the 4th IcETRAN international conference.

ETRAN (Formerly: ETAN) has been organizing its conferences since 1955. Held annually, typically with 300-500 papers, its goal has been to gather in one place researchers from otherwise specialized and diverse fields of electrical and electronic engineering and to ensure their closer contacts and cross-pollination of ideas. The conference IcETRAN was dedicated to the same topics and intended to extend the event to the international audience.

The conference was organized with the support of IEEE.


Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

University of Belgrade
School of Electical Engineering