Ethno village Stanišići is located on the way out of Bijeljina, three kilometers from the Pavlovic bridge. Ethno village Stanišići is out of the present time and space, it takes us back to our ancestors and nature and awakens an admiration in us towards simplicity of a former lifestyle. By listening to the burbling of the streams and churning of the water mill this is where a human relaxes eyes and soul and becomes wiser and more noble.

Ethno village Stanišići was founded in 2003 thanks to Boris Stanišić’s inspiration. More than a few years ago he was traveling through villages of Middle Bosnia looking for old houses and objects which would preserve the knowledge about a period and culture from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The result is the authentic mountain village in the heart of Semberija plain.

Nowadays the village consists of two units. One unit represents secular life and it is made of wood. It consists of wooden houses – cottages with housewares which have belonged there for centuries. The cottages are connected by stone paths and two lakes in the center of the village. Second unit represents spiritual life and it is made by medieval architecture in stone which is actually a group of replicas of historic and religious importance.

The village consists of watermills, a dairy plant, a blacksmith’s workshop, stone well, barn, and authentic wooden houses with the exhibition of housewares and costumes. The mill was made in 1937 and it is still in use as well as the watermill from 1917 where flour is being milled for the bread which is served in our restaurant. Inside of it you can find everything that a miller needed for living and milling flour.

All detailed information about accommodation, tourist attractions can be found here.


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