Section RO (Robotics and flexible automation)



Robotics in Agriculture 4.0

Marija Radmilović
Institute Mihajlo Pupin, University of Belgrade
Belgrade, Serbia


In recent decades, Europe has been facing a major workforce shortage. On the other hand, rapid progress is evident across all industry fields, even though the gap between market needs and the application of new technologies still exists. Therefore, to increase the efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of food production, Agriculture 4.0. aims to apply advanced technologies, such as robotics and machine vision, in agricultural production lines. This review aims to present a comparative analysis of the automated monitoring of the life cycle and health of plants and the efficient management of resources through a controlled production process, which is following the concept of sustainable agriculture 4.0. This paper presents the analysis of automation and robotization of growing seedlings, including several key steps: planting, watering, fertilizing, detection of parasites, and spraying, and gives an overview of new directions in research and industrial application within Agriculture 4.0.

Short Bio:

Marija Radmilović graduated in 2010 from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. Ph.D. studies, continued in the 2011 academic year at the same institution, on module Control systems and signal processing. The following year she won a French government scholarship for doctoral studies in France and her Ph.D. studies continue as a bilateral doctoral program between the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and the „Ecole Centrale de Nantes“ in Nantes, France. Marija Radmilović defended her doctoral dissertation on “Dual-arm robotic manipulation inspired by human skills” and gained the title of Doctor of Electrical and Computer Science in Serbia and a Doctor of Science degree in École Centrale de Nantes in France. Marija Radmilović has been employed at the Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Center for Robotics, since 2012, where she still works as a research associate.