Etran and IcETRAN conferences will be held in East Sarajevo, RS, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The host is University of East Sarajevo – Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

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The cultural and historical heritage of the City of East Sarajevo with its diversity, number, values, meaning and distribution is a great asset of the region.

The Cave pod Lipom represents a unique Palaeolithic site on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the traces of Palaeolithic art and the material culture of the earliest modern people. Prehistoric sites, tumuli and hills, for more than a century, have attracted the attention of researchers since the discovery of cult Glasinac carts, the masterpieces of late prehistoric art.

In their number, the medieval locality stands out, primarily the necropolises under the stećci, some of which are very characteristic for our area. Stećci – Medieval tombstones are an original expression that arises in historically specific circumstances and the interweaving of the East and the West. They are also a unique phenomenon in the medieval European artistic and archaeological heritage, as evidenced by the richness in typology, numeracy, artistic expression, inscriptions, and the contexts of their creation.

The City of East Sarajevo as a place of former territory of the medieval grandfather of Pavlovic is one of the centers of production of various forms of stećci. By number it belongs to the richest regions with a concentration of medieval tombstones, and what makes it special are monumental forms of individual specimens, unusual and original ornaments. The remains of fortified Pavlović dynasty complexes are now visible in the valleys of the Miljacka and Prača rivers.

The historical core of the medieval town at the source of Miljacka on Pale is one of the more explicit monuments of the cultural heritage of the Sarajevo-Romanija region. To this day, the fort has preserved the appearance of a typical medieval fortress with Upper Town and Podgrađe. Unlike other medieval fortresses that have been architecturally adapted to the new needs through history, the Old City at the source of Miljacka retained its original architectural characteristics and is one of the better preserved medieval fortresses.