Section EK (Electric circuits and systems and signal processing)



The Emergence of Memristive Devices in Microwave Circuit Design: A Review of Progress and Potential Application

Ivo Marković1, Milka Potrebić Ivaniš2 and Dejan Tošić2
1Polus Tech, Belgrade, Serbia

2University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia


The emergence of memristive devices has sparked significant interest in microwave circuit design due to their potential to revolutionize traditional microwave circuits. This review paper provides a comprehensive overview of the historical background and important results of memristors. Additionally, we present recent progress and potential applications of memristive devices in microwave passive circuits, such as phase shifters and filters. Furthermore, we showcase experimental results obtained using memristors, including the implementation of circuits such as amplifiers, phase shifters, and tunable amplifiers. These results demonstrate the effectiveness and versatility of memristors in microwave circuits’ applications. Overall, this paper highlights the key findings and implications of memristor research in the field of microwave circuits, providing insight into the exciting possibilities for future development.


Short Bio:

Ivo Marković received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electronics, and his Ph.D. in Microwave Engineering from the School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade in 2014, 2015, and 2022, respectively. Currently, he is working as an HW Team Leader at Polus Tech. His research interests in academia include passive microwave structures and memristors, while his focus in industrial R&D is on modern cellular technologies.