About IcETRAN 2020 Conference

The conference is supported by the collective members of the Society for ETRAN.

             University of Niš                      Institute „Mihajlo Pupin“                 University of Novi Sad                           FTN Čačak

The planned location for the IcETRAN 2021 Conference is Etno-Selo Stanišići, Republika Srpska (https://www.etno-selo.com/en/).


ETRAN Society organized the 64th national conference ETRAN 2020 and the 7th international IcETRAN 2020.

The distributed organization in four towns in Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Čačak and Niš), using six presentation rooms allowed almost 200 researchers to share their scientific and innovation results in a safe way following the strict pandemic regulations. ETRAN Society provided in parallel on-line access for those who decided to participate remotely.

A short movie https://youtu.be/z850_UG0wWM from the meeting (in Serbian language) gives you an idea about the ETRAN 2020 and IcETRAN 2020 conferences.