About IcETRAN Conference

The Society ET(R)AN is the oldest, largest and most prestigious professional organization in Serbia in the domain of electrical engineering and information technologies. The Society inherited the tradition of the Yugoslav Society for ETRAN of organizing the national conferences which started in 1955. Annual meetings, with in average of up to 400 papers, were and are an attraction for researchers from countries of the Western Balkans to meet and share their ideas, know-how and build new communications. In 2014, the Society ETRAN started the annual series of International conference on electrical, electronic, and computing engineering (IcETRAN) running in parallel with the national ETRAN conferences. The conferences are organized with support of the IEEE Society IEEE.
The official language of the IcETRAN conference is English, while the official language for ETRAN conference is Serbian.
The national and international conferences run share invited lectures, round table discussions and special sessions.
The papers submitted for ETRAN and IcETRAN will be reviewed by two anonymous peers. The papers accepted and presented by one of the authors registered for the conferences will be published on the Web as part of the edited proceedings.
The conferences aim to attract young researchers and students; thereby, registration fees and accommodation discounts are planned.
The meetings include social events to allow participants to exchange their individual prospective related to the innovations, but also for socializing that contributes to the development of new research teams.
The annual meetings ETRAN 2019 and IcETRAN 2019 will be chaired by Prof. Boris Lončar and Prof. Slobodan Vukosavić from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.
The conferences are supported by the Ministry of education, science and technological development of Serbia and collective members of the Society for ETRAN

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You can find information about the location of the meeting at http://en.srebrnojezero.com/


Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
University of Belgrade

University of Belgrade
School of Electical Engineering